[News]Jessica-SeojiSuk guest in ‘ Enjoy Today’, disappeared together, caused interest’


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    [News]Jessica-SeojiSuk guest in ‘ Enjoy Today’, disappeared together, caused interest’ Empty [News]Jessica-SeojiSuk guest in ‘ Enjoy Today’, disappeared together, caused interest’

    ตั้งหัวข้อ by JeTifever on Wed Dec 08, 2010 2:04 pm

    In MBCs ‘Enjoy Today’, member SeoJisuk and guest SNSD Jessica both disappeared for a while during the recording of the show, which caused curiosity.

    The production staff decided to show the show that would broadcast on the 12th, from ‘EnJoy Today’ to ‘Enjoy Athletics’ but during the recording of the show that was being hosted, SeoJisuk and Jessica disappeared,which brought curiosity to the staff and guests. Recently the staff met with the Star news and said’ As a highschool student who was an athletic player ,Seojisuk , showed Jessica the position of how to run and breathing techniques with much detail.

    The Enjoy Today members were hosting the special recording and as SNSDs new song ‘Hoot’ showed the arrow dance, SeoJiSuk specially teached Jessica with archery. As the atmosphere of the recording was nice, SeoJiSuk and Jessica disappeared during the recording. And the staff and guests were interested. later on the two people came back from the same direction, And a strange feeling was given.

    Curiosity was brought, as people wondered what they did during their disappearance. during this broadcast, besides Yuri and Tiffany,the 7 members of SNSD and Enjoy Today Members with athletic stars do a running race.

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