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    Fany's parts in [The record book of Girls' Generation]

    Individual activities-SNSD : Nine members; nine different colours; nine different personalities. Apart from group activities, each and everyone of them is actively involve in the area of singing, radio shows, dancing and etc. Tiffany has outstanding individual activities. That includes her solo singing activities which showcased her vocal skills; 2007 [Sonyeon Sonyeo Gayo Baekseo]and 2009 [Show! Music Core]as MC. Tiffany talked about SNSD in one of the interviews. She said, "SNSD members are like fruits and snacks. Each and every one of the appearance and taste is different. It would be interesting that you taste the fruits (Members) seperately since we are very active in our own individual activities." This is Tiffany, who uses fruits as analogy to descibe members who are actively doing their individual activities. She laughed and said, "SNSD is a cake made from a mixture of ingredients (Members)", which literally means to gather all the members together. She added on," In the future, we want to show our sweet charisma to our fans." In the future they will still put up their usual style of performances for the fans.

    Her Korean skills-Korean Americans, Tiffany and Jessica, are good in English. Sooyoung once revealed that she admires Tiffany for being able to communicate in English so fluently. Tiffany, who is being admired by Sooyoung for her fluent English, her Korean is not that good. Jessica, who is also a Korean American, she started to learn Korean at the age of six but as for Tiffany, during her high school period. In an KBS entertainment show, [SNSD's Hello Baby], Tiffany often being teased by her members because of her limited understanding of Korean words. But Tiffany studied her Korean very diligently and her hardwork finally paid off. As compared to the period when she first went to Korea, her Korean improved alot. Right now the members are learning Japanese for their Japan debut activities. Tiffany is getting busier because she has to learn Korean and Japanese at the same time.

    Her Golden Ratio-Each SNSD members have fabulous body which make the fans to be so obsessed with. Especially the dance part whereby they sway their beautiful legs back and forth. There was a poll of "Which Female Artist has the most charismatic beautiful legs?" being posted at a social networking website and the first place goes to Tiffany. She dominated the poll by having 4775 votes out of 11675 votes. There were many comments like, "Tiffany's cute face and sexy body are deeply etched in male fans' heart." Her members said that Tiffany is popular among male artists. This justifies her charisma. "Tiffany is the only member who is being asked for autograph from male artists". Tiffany confirmed about this, "At first I couldnt believe it when Jeong Myeong Cheon first asked for my autograph." Not only Jeong Myeong Cheon, Jo InSung who is under the same agency as Jeong, also asked for her autograph. This proves that Tiffany has high popularity because of her charisma.

    Her debut process and solo songs-Tiffany was born in Los Angeles and is a Korean American. In March 2004, she was being scouted by an SM Entertainment staff at the Korean concert in Los Angeles. After that she was being casted and entered the industry. Because of her strong vocal skills, she received several solo songs. She participated in the OST of SBS' drama Jamyeonggo with the song "By Myself". The drama was not a hit but her OST song rreceived much attention. She was featured in a duet with K.Will called "A Girl, Meets Love". She said," That was the first time I sang a duet with a non-SNSD member and was feeling uneasy. K-Will sunbaenim sings very well and I felt very happy to sing a duet with him." The song emphasised a message of, "Wants everybody to feel being loved.". Everybody in SNSD sings very well, and Tiffany being a main vocal, her fellow members also recognized her vocal skills.

    Her Japanese and Totoro-They fret over the language after they debuted in Japan. "If you were to comprehened the language, you'll be confident and able to showcase your charisma confidently." Even though she's good in English, she knows nothing about Japanese culture. But thanks to Sooyoung, she interested in Japanese culture. Tiffany praised Sooyoung, "She taught me Japanese culture and I'm so interested in Japanese culture." She further added on, " Sooyoung's Japanese is good. Not only that, she is full of humour. I want to become a person like her." She learn Japanese through watching Totoro. Tiffany, who likes Hayao Miyazake's animation films, said, "I learn Japanese through animations. Although I'm a newbie, I understand Japanese bit by bit from the dialogues in the animation." Currently she is learning Japanese using Studio Ghibli's works.

    KBS's Hello Baby-SNSD members were the permanent cast for KBS [SNSD Hello Baby]. In this show, every one of them plays the role of the baby's mother. Tiffany was awkward with the baby when they tried to get close with him. Other members were having fun with the baby but Tiffany was being neglected by her members.

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